Chinese Maoists: Solidarity with Palestine

We are forwarding a statement from the Chinese Revolutionary League in support of the Palestinian liberation struggle.

We have chosen to publish it — not because we agree with everything, but because it may be of interest to our readers. RK’s position is expressed in the statement “Solidarity with Palestine”:

Statement by Chinese Marxist-Leninist-Maoists on recent events in Palestine

Author: The Chinese Revolutionary Union

Recently, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has intensified once again. The Palestinians have adopted fast and mobile “nomadic” tactics, catching Israel, a typical secondary imperialism (This is not sub-imperialism), by surprise. We Chinese Marxist-Leninist-Maoists (MLM) firmly believe that all sincere progressive intellectuals, conscious workers and nationalists of oppressed nations around the world will join us in supporting the Palestinian labouring people’s resistance to the barbaric three-quarter-century invasion and occupation of Palestine by imperialism and its derivative forces, and in supporting the Palestinian labouring people’s struggle to break out of their national cage. (Gaza is a literal “cage” for the Palestinians.)

At the same time, we had to enjoy the “spectacular shows” of the imperialist clowns. First on the scene was the cunning Chinese imperialist, which seemed to be on the side of the Palestinians in denouncing the massacres committed by Israel, and even pretended to be on the side of the Palestinians in condemning them. On the surface, it seems to be on the side of the Palestinian people in condemning the Israeli massacres, and even makes a big show of saying “We oppose and condemn the harm done to civilians and call for an immediate ceasefire.” In reality, however, the condemnation and the so-called solution of the Chinese Imperialism are nothing more than empty rhetoric aimed at deceiving the identifiable of the semi-colonial people and at combating the rival imperialist groups. It is important to know that the two sides are in the midst of a fierce and irreconcilable battle, and at this time the Chinese Imperialism is talking about “the fundamental way out to solve the Palestinian issue lies in the implementation of the two-state solution”. …… China is willing to maintain contact and coordination with the Egyptian side to promote a ceasefire between the two parties to the conflict as soon as possible to stop the violence, and to promote the international community to form a joint force (our Great Chinese Imperialism is how “superior and progressive” compared to the US imperialism!) , provide humanitarian support to the Palestinian people, and prevent the humanitarian crisis in Palestine, especially in Gaza, from worsening. (Is it possible to promote the formation of a “joint force” by maintaining contact with Egypt? Will the so-called “joint force” prevent the Israeli massacres in Gaza?”). Meanwhile, the best ally of “our country”, the Russian imperialism, uses the Palestinians as pawns for its own purposes. In fact, the Russian “support” for the Palestinians is essentially the same as the Western imperialist bloc’s “support” for Ukraine; it is a tactic used by all the imperialists to weaken the opposing forces and strengthen their influence in the semi-colonial countries. As for the Western imperialist bloc led by the US imperialism (and even Germany, which is ruled by a “Socialist” party), they performed a difficult “180° aerial turn” for the whole world. When confronted with the invasion of Ukraine, a semi-colonial country of the West, by the Russian Empire, they appeared as liberty fighters defending the national independence against the super power. When the other side confronts its own derivative regime, their position is immediately reversed. They turn a blind eye to Israel’s decades-long “special military operations” and support ” Israel in its efforts to defend itself and its people against such atrocities (Hamas).” and “kindly” suggesting that the Chinese and Russian imperialists should not to seek advantage of this moment!

The present Palestinian-Israeli conflict is, by its nature, mainly a manifestation of the contradiction between “imperialism and the oppressed peoples”, one of the three main contradictions of the world. The imperialists took advantage of the suffering of the Jews (at least at that time there was no actually “Jewish nation”), a religious community that had suffered a great deal in Europe, and separated them from their own nation, thus creating an artificial Zionist state. The State of Israel. This state was from the very beginning an outpost of Western imperialism in the Middle East, a poisonous thorn in the side of many Arab nations. And it is also true that Israel has seriously hindered the development of the revolutionary liberation movement of the Arab peoples, and that its existence and expansion have brought deep suffering to all the peoples of the Middle East, with the Palestinian nation being the most unfortunate.

We, the Chinese revolutionary socialists, have always believed that there is no way out of a genuine solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through a two-State solution imposed by the imperialists on the natives, because no one has the right to deprive the natives of their right to continue to live on the land where they have been living and producing for generations without their permission. At the same time, we do not believe that the highly pre-modern (and even reactionary) and compromising Islamic organisation, Hamas, whose programme clearly states that the “4th June 1967 lines of control as borders” are part of the national consensus for an “independent Palestinian state”, can help the Palestinian people achieve complete national liberation. If the Palestinians are determined to win their liberation, they must construct a revolutionary party that represents all Palestinian labouring people, led by the working class. What specific strategy and tactics this proletarian party should adopt in that tortured land is not yet clear to us, but it is certainly a MLM party opposed to Israeli secondary imperialism and the Western imperialist clique behind it and the traitors of Palestinian nation, with the establishment of a labourers’ dictatorship as the supreme goal of the stage. As to whether the national liberation struggle in Palestine is to be combined with the socialist movement of the Israeli workers? What future for the Jews? This is a task left to the local proletarian revolutionaries.

We appeal:

Workers of all lands UNITE!
Solidarity with the struggling Palestinian people!
Support the struggle of the Palestinian people against Israel!
Support the struggle of the Jewish working class and all the labouring people of Israel against the thugs of Zion!
Oppose the actions of the Chinese and Russian Imperialism that exploit the struggle of the Palestinian people!
Against all imperialist wars and proxy wars!

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