A call for feedback and criticism

In February 2022, the document “Platform of the Revolutionary Communists (RK)” was adopted by the national leadership of RK, and this has until now served as our basis of political unity. However, the position document was never intended as a permanent programme.

The Revolutionary Communists are now working on developing a more permanent programme, which will explain the organisation’s principles, our analysis of the situation in Norway and the world, and the political tasks of communists in Norway in the short and long term.

Revolutionary Communists (RK) hereby sends out a call to all our friends, sympathizers and other progressives to send input to the organisation’s program process, and criticism of the current platform document in particular.

The current position document can be read here. We encourage you to send input and criticism by e-mail or the contact form on this page.

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  1. I would like to see a more thorough investigation of imperialism. Of first priority should be the question of parasitism. The question of superprofits and labor aristocracy. Second should be the definition of fascism as it is inherently connected to imperialism— is this definition important? If so it should be mentioned. Third, the question of migrants and the relation to imperialism of their oppression through militarized borders. You should undertake a general survey of the national question in your country, in Scandinavia, and in Europe in general. I look forward to seeing this.

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